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Solution for Rebuild



By Sarah Northway

Gather survivors of the zombie apocalypse and manage food supplies, housing and morale while defending against undead attacks. Reclaim the city one square at a time and put your survivors to work scavenging for food, building houses, rediscovering technology and of course killing zombies. Beware of rival gangs, wild dogs, food thieves and even riots as you manage a city in this post apocalyptic turn based strategy game.


First, focus on feeding your survivors and getting enough farms that you don't need to scavenge for food. Turn buildings (even suburbs!) into farms if you need to. If you starve at the beginning you will pay for it later on!

Next, take over a school and keep training most of your survivors into Soldiers. Have them kill zombies in the buildings directly beside your fort, because these are the zombies that will be attacking you. Keep some soldiers assigned to defence but remember: the best defence is a good offence!

Send your non-soldiers to scout for survivors hiding in buildings, and send your leader to recruit them. If you run low on houses, relcaim suburbs, trailer parts and apartments. If you run low on food, fortify farms, or parks which can be turned into farms. Repeat.

Expand your fort in a circle shape so it has the least number of adjacent squares and therefore the least number of adjacent zombies. Reclaim police stations, allmarts and malls for extra defence, but don't stretch out too far to reach them. On the day before a horde attack, bring your soldiers home and assign them to defence at the police station.

Don't forget about the power of science! Train 3-4 scientists to research tech at the lab for bonuses to recruitment, food production, and zombie killing power. Always have 2 or more scientists on a research mission in case one of them is killed. Put important buildings like schools and labs on the inside of your fort so they are less likely to be lost in a zombie attack.

Later, your people may become unhappy due to starvation or deaths, and will refuse to work or even riot. Train builders, and have them turn your useless offices or warehouses and extra schools or hospitals into churches and bars. If you have extra food, assign two leaders to throw a party at a church or bar for a quick morale boost.

There are several endings to the game and by now you should have run across one of them (if not, keep scouting!). Be warned though: the horde attacks become fast and furious when you are trying to win the game. Be ready for them!


Leaders are better at recruiting new survivors.

Scavengers find more food when scavenging.

Soldiers are better at killing zombies.

Builders create buildings faster.

Scientists research technology more quickly.

(Unskilled) Survivor
Teach survivors skills at a school or on missions.


8-12 mart
The 8-12 doesn't do anything these days but smell like stale twinkies. - Does nothing - Can be replaced with: Farm

Allmart Store
This Allmart would make a good defense post if we spruced it up a bit. Board up all the exits, cover the windows, and it'd be quite the fortress. - Can be upgraded into: Secured Allmart (static defence bonus)

This apartment provides houses for our survivors to live in. - Adds number of houses depending on difficulty level - Can be replaced with: School

These days some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way it makes them happier. - Increases happiness same as church - Can be replaced with: Laboratory

Big Farm
Big farms produce food every day of boring but efficient crops like turnips, potatoes, and squash. - Produces twice the food of farms

These days some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way it makes them happier. - Increases happiness same as bar - Can be replaced with: Hospital

Farms produce food every day. We take turns plowing, planting and harvesting. - Produces food depending on difficulty level - Can be replaced with: Suburbs

We don't like to go near this place. It's good for nothing, not even for burying our dead. Best just to leave it alone. - Does Nothing

This hospital can save people from disease and death. We don't need a dedicated doctor just having the space and supplies here is enough. - Prevents bad illness-related events - Can be replaced with: Church

Our Scientists need labs like this one to research and build useful things. - Perform tech reserach missions here - Can be replaced with: Bar

People just don't shop like they used to, so we don't have much use for a mall here, but it might make a good defense post. - Can be upgraded into: Secured Mall (static defence bonus)

A sad reminder that the days of fast food are long gone. - Does nothing - Can be replaced with: Church or Hospital

Not good for much, but with a little work we could turn this motel into apartments for people to live in. - Does Nothing - Can be replaced with: Apartment or School

No more computers, no more paperwork, no more burocracy. Offices are relics of a bygone era. - Does Nothing - Can be replaced with: Apartment or School

In just a year the parks have gotten pretty overgrown, so I guess the dirt is fertile enough to try building a farm. - Does Nothing - Can be replaced with: Farm or Suburbs

Parking Lot
A conviently flat piece of urban real estate. Maybe we could convert this place to a farm. - Does Nothing - Can be replaced with: Farm

Police Station
Police stations add a defense bonus to the fort, and are where soldiers do guard duty. - Static defence bonus - Assign guards here

Just some building destroyed by zombies or the ensuing panic. Since it's mostly cleared already we might try to farm here. - Does Nothing - Can be replaced with: Farm

People can train here to change their specialization. It takes all kinds of people to keep this fort going. - Change survivor jobs here - Can be replaced with: Church

Ah, suburbia, where your biggest worry was the quality of your lawn. Nice homes for some of our survivors to live in. - Adds number of houses depending on difficulty level - Can be replaced with: Farm

Trailer Park
It's not pretty, but it's home. Some people can live here. - Adds number of houses depending on difficulty level - Can be replaced with: Farm

Just useless empty storage space. - Does Nothing - Can be replaced with: Church or Hospital

Xxor gas
We've used up all the gas here so it isn't useful anymore, but we could turn it into a decent lab. - Does nothing - Can be replaced with: Bar or Laboratory


Research Binoculars
Help spot more living survivors while scouting new areas.

Research Radio
Hopefully people will hear our signal and come to join us. - Requires: Binoculars

Research Electricity
Make everyone happier with grid power for the whole fort. - Requires: Binoculars, Radio

Research Preservation
Get more food from scavenging and stop it from going bad.

Research Pesticides
Put a stop to bugs and disease that cause crops to fail. - Requires: Preservation

Research Fertilizer
Farms will produce extra food. - Requires: Preservation, Pesticides

Research Zombie Vitals
Knowing where to aim makes killing zombies easier.

Research Stealth
Makes it safer to scout and scavenge far away. - Requires: Zombie Vitals

Research Antivenom
Big defense bonus when facing zombies in or outside the fort. - Requires: Zombie Vitals, Stealth


Draft a Constitution
Win the game by setting up a government for your new country. - Performed at: City Hall - Requires: at least one police station, hospital, school, lab, at least 50% happiness and 5 leaders. - If playing on after game won: permanent 100% happiness

Destroy the Evil Portal
Win the game by destroying the source of the zombie hordes. - Performed at: Evil Portal - Requires: At least 5 defensive buildings (police, defended malls and allmarts), 50% happiness and 15 soldiers. - If playing on after game won: zombie hordes stop spawning

Cure Zombieism
Win the game by curing zombieism for good. - Performed at: Laboratory - Requires: all tech researched, at least 3 laboratories, 50% happiness and 5 scientists. - If playing on after game won: regular zombies stop spawning

Conquered Map
Win the game by reclaiming every square on the map. - Requires: nothing but time

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bojo says:
January 27, 2011, 1:19 pm

Wow! Thanks for the info! Now I'll try HARD level.

February 19, 2011, 6:23 am

Doesn't feel like it's possible to win on nightmare :/

Toad says:
February 21, 2011, 12:07 pm

I agree with WeMadeToast.

March 5, 2011, 4:35 am

Excellent walkthrough, but I disagree with a couple of the strategies -I also thought of building in a circle, but it's not advantageous because all zombies except for those on city hall and the evil graveyard migrate towards your fort anyway. Better to expand to whatever buildings are most valuable to you. In fact, an irregular shape makes it easier to expand because the zombies are more spread out on your borders as well as opening up a wider selection of buildings to expand to. -I don't think it's worth having more than one scientist on an upgrade in general. The upgrade will be safer with the extras, but you sacrifice a lot of valuable man-hours which the extra scientists could put in as a soldier or something else. -On the harder difficulties(the fun ones), happiness is not a late game concern, in fact it is one of your most pressing concerns from the get-go. The best way to deal with it is to get a lot of farms fast and have a pair of leaders throw a party on a bar or church whenever you can. Expensive, but necessary and can be sustainable, unlike the miniscule one-time gain you get from more bars and churches. -On the harder difficulties(the ones you need a walkthrough for), defense is very important. There's always going to be risks and you're always going to be at the mercy of the dice, but you'll want a balance of offense and defense, and to focus on high-reward risks while spreading the risk around. Usually I only have one or occasionally two squads out killing zombies at a time until the late game because the fort is always at fair risk until a successful late game, and a losing defense is one of the biggest blows you can receive. Always plan to have your soldiers back from zombie killing to defend against a *** rde, don't send them out when there's less than 3 days left. A couple points you missed: -Get a *** spital fast, but you only need one. -Take big farms when you can, you only need to kill and capture once to get a double-output farm that expands your fort. -Don't scout much until you research binoculars, but generally try to have everything within 2 spaces of your fort scouted for the best recruitment and expansion opportunities. -On the first turn, it's valuable to send your soldiers on two zombie killing missions in safe-ish squares, each accompanied by an ordinary survivor. If they mission is successful they could be upgraded to soldiers. This tactic stays somewhat useful throughout the early turns, but you still want one school asap to get more soldiers reliably. A motel or office can also be captured and made into a school. -In the early game you'll want 2-3 leaders, 3-5 builders, 1-3 scientists(1 per lab), 0-1 scavengers, and as many soldiers as possible. Later if you're doing well you'll want 1-2 more leaders and several more builders, with 3-4 additional leaders or 5 total scientists if you need them for your chosen victory condition. -Don't be afraid to expand next to the evil graveyard or city hall, the zombies on them don't attack your fort. It will take about 25 soldiers to clear them in one go, or you can whittle them away. -The win conditions in ascending order of difficulty are Cure Zombieism, Draft a Constitution, Destroy the Evil Portal, and Conquer Map. I've beaten very *** 12X12, I'll get back to y'all on whether nightmare is possible on 10X10. :P

March 5, 2011, 7:32 am

Won nightmare 10X10 on day 102. Used the strats I mentioned plus decent luck. It's also worth noting that once food, *** using, happiness, labs, *** spital, and school are totally under control, police stations and malls become the most valuable thing to conquer.

thewag777 says:
July 21, 2011, 12:18 am

Not a bad strategy. I finally beat it on Nightmare (with all endings accomplished). What can I say, I love this game. Here's *** I did it: First, leave an unskilled survivor to guard your fort and use all available soldiers to start expanding. Immediately send you leader to recruit 2 (as that is all the space you have right now). Use the soldiers to take a suburb or other residence so you can recruit more. Then keep recruiting as fast as you can, and let scavaging mainly feed your people in the first 10 or so turns. YOu need people fast, so that should be your priority. Other than that, try to take at least 1 *** spital, 1 lab, and 2 happiness places (church, bar). The *** spital will keep your numbers from dwindling, and the happiness will reduce strikes and riots which cost valuable man *** urs. As soon as you have a lab, research Zombie vitals first (you will have a crucial combat advantage). From then on, take as many police stations, malls, Allmarts as possible to boost your security, recruit as fast as you can (because you will take losses all the while and you need to keep your numbers up). Keep on researching all the while. You can let the threat level go a little above your defense and you'll still usually win the battle when they invade. The better your science, the better your chances. By about week 25, you should not let your happiness go below 30% or you will have riots (you might still have 1 anyway, but it will only cost you a turn). For the endings, first get the 3 science labs and 5 scientists so that you can cure Zombeism. The other endings will be a lot easier that way. Train all available survivors, especially unskilled and scavengers, to be soldiers, as you will need as many as possible when they start sending swarms of zombies after you (often numbering over 1000). Once you cure zombeism, even on Nightmare, the rest is pretty easy. Good luck everyone! This is what worked for me, but others have tried different strategies. But it is possible to win on Nightmare, so just keep at it.