Once upon a time there lived an unrivaled warrior, a famous consummate military master. One day he decided to go to Two Towers where the sage old man lived, the wisest person in the world. When the warrior found the wise man he saw him playing and having fun as would a young boy. The warrior asks of him, "Why do you waste your valuable time in such a manner elder?" The wise man replied to him, "The one who makes time only for work, and naught for rest and pleasure, will soon find he has no passion left for his work. No matter how we live, or what we do, we must find the time for our rest and fun". The warrior thinks a moment before replying, "Well, I think the time for Free Online Flash Games has come!"
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Wasted Youth, Part 1


Wasted Youth, Part 1, takes place behind the walls of St. Frosts Academy - a school for slackers, troublemakers and idiots. At first everything seems normal, but soon, children start to go missing...

Features: 16 main story missions, 13 side missions, 20 lessons to attend, 60 rooms to explore, 50 collectable trading cards to find, 60 achievements to complete, Over 30 unlockable extras, Countless other activities – Breaking and entering at night, picking locks, cracking safes, reading books, going to the toilet, eating, drinking, vomiting, going to sleep, watering plants, watching the school hamster, and much much more...


Arrows / WASD - Movement
Shift - Run
Space - Interact / Talk
P - Pause Menu


- RC Race bugs fixed. - All lessons complete Piggymon Card reward fixed. - Music Lesson 2 freeze fixed.

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April 6, 2015, 11:22 pm


June 9, 2014, 11:07 am

thats a nice game if it is a nice game then part 2 will be asam i want part 2 plz upload it

Lexi says:
June 26, 2013, 11:46 am

i hope it does save

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